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I have the same problem.

Trust me, antibiotics don't do a thing. Been there, done that. The sinus cavities are bones with virtually no blood flow. Oral antibiotics won't reach them. The reason you get some relief from the antibiotics is that they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

My issue is that if my Ethmoid sinuses really swell up (like right now), it completely blocks the entrance to my other cavities. Even irrigation doesn't work when that happens.

My recommendation is

a) Use an irrigation machine, Xyletol, and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Do this for a week.
b) If you still have no relief, try SHORT course of Prednisone and irrigate 3-4 times a day.
c) if you STILL have no relief, look into nebulized antibiotics, or antibiotic sprays, which are topical.

You have to attack the problem directly. I'm going home right now to do an "upside-down" flooding & irrigation, because I'm stuffed up and yellow gunk is coming out of my nose. I had surgery a couple years ago. it was a waste of time.