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shamrock hi
it's so good to find someone else out there getting venofer!! :blob_fire i've been searching for you! if you read my story on one of these threads- i dropped to hmg of 5 ferritin of 1 -reacted badly to the iron dextran and now they insist on putting me on mega doses of prednisone and benadryl and tylenol before they will give me the venofer. i go weekly-have been going since dec 05. i can only tolerate 200 mg? of venofer at a time and they infuse it over a 2 hour time period!! with all these precautions i still get a terrible "burn" sensation in my hands and upper arms. I also come home so tired-i guess it's all the benadryl....i haven't even been allowed to drive all this time. anyway do you have the "burn" too? nothing seems to help it -i've kinda got used to burning all the time...well anyway it's nice to "meet" someone else who kindaknows how i feel and what i'm going through! oh btw-do your veins cooperate? i've had to get stuck so many times at one point they insisted i have a port put in surgically or they wouldn't continue treatment-i resisted so far...it's such a long tiring time. thanks for listening:angel: