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I'm new here, let me start off by giving my story. It started about 3 years ago..I got an ugly rash on my eyelids, and eventually it spread a little bit to my upper cheek. When I went to a dermatologist, he told me it was Eczema. Gave me Elidel..It did nothing for me, so he tried a stronger steroid cream. That actually made me worse. So my PCP introduced me to the wonders of Prednisone. After about 5 months of this rash, it was finally gone. Some time later, about 6 or 7 months, it started showing up again. Then my PCP gave me a cream and it actually controlled it. After that, I moved to MI, and that's when i got it realllly bad. All the dermatologist here said was Eczema or Allergic Contact Dermatitis. He did a patch test..found nothing. Then he sent me to another more experienced Dermatologist for UB light treatment. This guy gave me a more extensive patch test and found some strange chemicals that i was allergic to. I can't even pronounce them really. Anyway..after a year and a half and about-no exaggeration-8 or 9 creams, we weren't getting anywhere. He kept on giving me Prednisone to clear me up for a week or two. Just last month, I got it REAALLY bad. I mean i looked like Freddy Krueger. I actually broke out WHILE i was on the prednisone. So this is when he finally decided to do a biopsy. Turns out..its Urticaria. And the past two years they've been treating what they thought was Eczema. So now I'm going to find an Allergist to see what he tells me. Right now, I am taking allegra, sometimes two a day..It calmed the hives down, but my body doesn't feel right. Anyway..I think maybe this whole thing has something to do with me having to take allergy shots as a kid. I took them weekly for like 5 years. Maybe if i get back on it, It will cure me?