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My husband has had gout in his ankles several times over the last few years and was able to get rid of the pain and swelling with pain medication and prednisone.

He had gout over Labor Day and only needed to take Tylenol Arthritis and after 3 days, he was fine. However, he got it again September 21 and is still having problems. He treated himself for a week thinking it would get better, then visited the doctor on Wednesday, September 28, and received a light dose of prednisone. He's diabetic and prednisone increases his sugar levels. By that Friday, he was worse and was sent to a vascular surgeon that day because his regular doctor said he didn't really think he had gout but he had cellulitis or vasculitis. He said this because my husband's uric acid levels were not elevated when he saw him on Wednesday. The doctor had treated my husband for gout because of the symptoms and he has had it several times before and was so sure that was his problem (and it may be).

The vascular surgeon tested the circulation in his legs and feet and said his circulation was fine and that my husband had the worst case of gout he had ever seen. His ankle had been swollen and red for two weeks by this time. He was given the full dose of prednisone and an antibiotic and told to get off his feet or go to the hospital. My husband opted to get off his feet at home. He has done fairly well staying off his feet and has completed the medications but his foot/ankle is still swollen and red and hurts some when he walks - not as bad as a week ago, but he still limps and it is sore to the touch.

He has a follow-up appointment with the vascular surgeon on Wednesday, October 11. I don't think a vascular surgeon is the correct doctor for my husband but I'm completely confused by his condition and not sure where else to go. He will definitely keep the follow-up appointment.

Has anyone ever had gout to remain for so long - does this sound like gout? I'm calling a rheumatologist tomorrow and making him an appointment.

I know my story is long and I appreciate any comments you all have to make.