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I have RA. I am taking two 25mg shots on two different days. Some people take the full 50mg in one shot once a week. But my doctor is not that confident in the 50mg. I had a nurse come to my house and she showed me how to do it the first time. After that I was on my own unless I needed help then I could call her or Enbrel. I have had 8 shots so far and now it is nothing to it.

The nurse said that it would take 3-5 shots for my energy to come back but for me it took 7. Then she said the small joints will feel better then finaly the big ones. So far I am waiting for the small joints to feel better now. I didn't relize how tired I was. What a difference.

I see my doctor at the end of this month. I am hoping that I will be starting to tapper off the Prednisone. To get off some of these other medications that I am on would be so great.
Just a word of encouragement I thought I would throw in. I started the Humira shots (similar to Enbrel) back in June for RA and what a world of difference. I was on Methotrexate, Arava and Prednisone, not to mention the pain meds I was taking on a daily basis. The shots have made it possible to get off all of the other meds. I only take a shot every other week. I have more energy and very little pain. I don't even require any pain relievers at this time.

I hope the Enbrel works as well for you.