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After a terrible bout of RA this past spring and about 55 sick days from work I had been on Prednisone since April 1st and a host of other drugs. I suffered anaphalactic shock with one, allergies with another and finally ended up on plaquinel. But as Prednisone was tapered off the symptoms of RA kept coming back and stronger.

So finally metheltrexate... ok i didn't read all of the warnings, and started to notice terrible fatigue, and nausea for three or four days after taking oral dose. Then I looked into the side effects. Rare? Well not to me. But since taking it I have had very good improvement in the RA symptoms. Not sure whether or not nausea, diahera, faigue and the occasional vomiting is better than incredible pain, swelling, and not being able to walk and use my extremeties... LOL of course its a trade off but it is better...

All things are relative, but going to chat with the Doctor anyway just to be sure.