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Hi to everyone,

If you have any advice or knowledge about this matter, please reply. Thanks in advance!

We are having waves of "cold" fronts come thru - Houston, so just goes from 90 to 85 to 80 and on down this weekend! They are making my hands just so swollen and so burning and so hurting!!! :<

I am on 2 prednisones in am, 2 relafens in pm, Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and Tramadol (light pain med), and a new one for me, Sulfasalazine 2 ea.x 2 day. And I still hurt in my hands, wrists and arms.

Do you think that if I call my Rheumy dr. that she would give me a prednisone shot? Just to get me over the hump and make it not hurt so much. I must keep going, to watch after my dad tomorrow, otherwise, I would be in bed with ice or heat. Is there anything else, that yall know of that has an immediate effect???

Thanks for your help.

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for replying and giving me info on what you do. I do not have a hot water bottle, but do have a rice sock that I heat in the microwave. I might try that tomorrow. I also have a heating pad, but do not know if it will work for my hands. I guess I wont know til I try!

I have not gone to my dr. yet, or called her (rheumy dr.). I will call on Mon., to see about getting a shot. That helps for a few weeks. I upped my Prednisone from 2 to 3 per day, but so far with all these cold fronts coming thru, that did not help.

Thanks again.