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I can tell you that I know how you feel, as I have RA also. Did you go to a Rheumatologist? If yes, they should tell you what to do next. Call them if you do not have an appt. soon.

I take prednisone sometimes too. But, I also take other meds. The prednisone does help, but drs. do not like for you to stay on them very long. Did your dr. not give you any other meds???

No supplements for me, as I have stomach problems. I am fixing to call my rheumy and ask for a shot or some more Pred. My hands are killing me, they hurt so bad.

Take care and I hope you get some good meds. It is fall/winter and that makes Arthritis worse.

Hi Ya'll !

My rheumy swears there's no food link to flares -- even nightshades. same with supplements. They help the OA folks more. Remember they're dealing with a different animal. They've got crusty joints from overuse or injuries ... We got here becuase our immune system is after us!:jester:

I agree you need to see a specialist and get disease modifiying or biologic therapy. Those two classes of drugs have erased the theory that half of those diagnosed with RA are disabled in 5 years. Calming down this condition is important -- and there are less dangerous ways to do it than with Prednisone.