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Hi Luvthemountians,

The Doc put me on Prednisone temporarily until the other medication Hydroxychloroquine (Plaqunil) he prescribed kicks in. If that don't work, or if I have problems with the medication (was told it could cause blindness if not monitored properly), he suggested that I make an appointment ASAP with a local Rheumatologist and have her prescribe something a little stronger. I was able to get an appointment with a local Doctor today (usually there is a 4month waiting list to see this Doctor, but I guess the Mayo connection helped me get an appointment faster). I'm very courious as to what she has to say about this condition. Seronegative Arthritis is a group of Arthritis's that do not raise the RH factor in your blood.

Oh dear, I just looked at the clock, I have to go to the appointment now, but I will write later and explain Seronegative Arthritis. Sorry!