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Hi Green,

I must start by saying that probably your doctor will have a lot to say about what drugs you are started on 1st. You and your dr. will have to probably change your meds several times, to find the best combination for your body and RA.

Prednisone (steroid) will make you gain about 20 lbs. I did and I have heard others that did also. Methotrexate is really good, but takes about 3 mo. to work. And if you get a bad infection or something that needs to heal, you have to get off of it. Like Dentist and sores and surgery.

My RA will not give me any drugs for pain that are addictive. I take tramadol/ultram, 4 x day. I also take Skelaxin, a muscle relaxer (but cost a whole lot, if you have to pay your full drug bill). I do not. Then, Prednisone, just 3 right now, in the am. Because of all the cold fronts coming thru. When my other med. starts working, I will start weaning myself from the Prednisone again. It does help tho. I am just starting a drug that starts with Sulfa_______. She said that it is so mild, that a pregnant woman can take it. I have sores right now and cannot take the Metho.

I also take Relafen. That helps also, 1 at lunch and 1 at bedtime. I have stomach problems and have to watch what kinds of drugs I take.

Take care and do mostly what you and your dr. decide is best. Just remember, that it may take up to a year, to find the right kinds for you.