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Hi Grana,

I was on Methotrexate for about 4 - 6 mo. I had to get off because I was having a hysterectomy. And am now off for a good while, because I have a skin problem, with sores on many parts of my body. Am going to a dermatologist for the sores. The Methotrexate was just starting to work, when I had to give it up. This was probably about my 3rd med, my rheumy dr. likes to start off with the lowest you can stand (meds) and then go up. I wish I could be on it again. No side effects and I think that I was at 6 pills.

I do and did take tramadol and skelaxin and prednisone and nabumetone. I cannot take most anti-inflammatory meds. That is because of my stomach.

Right now, I am on the same pills, except a new one, we are trying called: sulfa_________ (cannot remember the name). They are huge and I take 3 pills 2 x day. I must eat when I take most of my pills. This med is safe for pregnant women. Hopefully I will get to eventually try the methotrexate again!

Hope it works for you. But give it months.

They are starting me on a prednisone tomorrow and I have NEVER taken it at such a dosage. Starting me out at 8 per day for 2 days , then 7 per day for 2 days etc etc..............How much prednisone have they given you in the beginning of therapy? This is to be done prior to taking the methotrexate.
awww, deeder, dont say that!!!!! i has a steriod injection, high dose, last week. it wore off after 2 days but was hoping that it would kick in again...
methatrexate has to build up slowly, my doc says, because its quite a nasty drug. on friday i go up a level to 10mg a week, thats 4 tabs. i have to get up to 8, then take it for min, 3 years. fun fun fun...

i have never had prednisone though... i have naproxyn and this stuff dicloflex (i think) and it wasnt that much fun. hate having so many damn pills!!!!! arthritis is not a cool thing when youre 16... so annoying when people give you that look and go 'isnt that what OLD people get?' grrr... if i had a pound for every time someone aid that to me...

... id have something like 46 pounds:)

bye for now xxx :wave:
Has anyone experienced swelling reducing with the prednisone but aching still staying around? My doctor thinks this is crazy and wants to start the methotrexate next week. In all the reading and risk of methotrexate......I am scared to death! Has anyone developed severe diarrhea with the methotrexate? Infections?
I dont have RA--its is 2 joints that have fuild in them...left thumb and right knee! its really weird! i have been on prednisone and it worked but as soon as i stopped taking it the fluid came back. they told me not to drink because the MTX is broken down by the liver. I am getting married soon and have lots of fun stuff coming up so its a bummer I cant have some drinks