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hello my angelboys3-
thanks for the comments and concerns. yes i have asked for pain meds, my reg family dr has given me the prednisone pack and the first time i took that i was like 100% better, but that only lasted so long, now my new rhuaemy has taken xrays and i have to go get more blood work done before she wants to start me on treatment. she did give me prednisone pills 10mg a day, but they arent doing much. im more mobile than i was before, but im still in pain and very very stiff in my knees. i hope when i go back in a week that she gives me something, she tried the cortizone shots in my knees but they didnt do one thing for me. the xrays show that i dont have no cartilage in between my knee bones on the left side, thats pretty bad, and thats why im in so much pain. so hopefully she helps me out with something to help ease the pain. she said that once i get going with treatments that it should calm down. has your calmed down since youve been on meds? what helps the best for you, i know everyone is diff, but maybe i can suggest something to her and try it out for myself. well i would love to keep in touch with you. ttyl and god bless you-amy:angel: