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I was just admitted yet again on Sat night, after eating venison. WIth me, they think because I have an airborne allergy to oak, that the deer ate acorns, was in his blood stream so when I ate it, it then entered my blood stream. Since I'm allergic to Oak trees, and Acorns come from them, I ended up having a physical, internal reaction.

I ended up covered with hives (less extreme as the last time, but this time I got up there quicker...knowing what was happenning). I had a severe reaction to shellfish 6 years ago, and until then, had never had a problem with allergies (this was 10 months after having my second child).

I had to have IV benadryl, Epi and something else in the hospital, which reduced most of the hives while I was there...when I got there, I could have literally ripped my face off and the hives had begun spreading to the rest of my body...my back, torso were bright red and it had started on my arms. THe first time, I was the color of a lobster when I got to the ER.

Right now I am taking Prednisone for 5 days and benadryl every 4 hours for the same amount of time. I notice if I am 18 hours past my last dose of Prednisone, I start to itch again. Which is what is happenning now.

You really should see your doctor. Allergic reactions are nothing to mess around with. When I had the shellfish allergy, it was about 6 hours before it got really bad.

Good Luck!