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I have been on Enbrel since Sept. 12, 2006. I find a big difference. Alot less pain, stiffness and swelling. My doctor decided to cut all my other medications in half. That was a month ago and I am still doing very well. I am tappering off of Prednisone and this time it is alot easier. It has made me alot happier. My friends and family noticed a big difference in me before I did in myself. I can do more then I use to. I am almost back to my old self. It has worked for me.

I am not on Enbrel, but I have been on Humira injections (similar to Enbrel) since June of this year. Talk about a turn around. I am 47 and have had RA for about 5 years, and prior to the injections, I thought my future was going to be in a wheelchair. There were days I could hardly walk. My hands were so swollen, I couldn't make a fist, and I couldn't grasp anything.

Now I feel I have my life back. More energy, hardly any pain, swelling virtually gone. I have been able to get off all of the other meds that I was on (Methotrexate, Arava, Prednisone), and I don't even require anything for pain. I just hope it works forever.

Good luck to you and hope everything goes well.