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It could be PMR, or polymyalgia. Lots of pain across shoulders and neck and in hips. It is autoimmune disease and I took prednisone for one year for it and then tapered off. I can't say it helped a lot and my stomache and colon is now in bad shape. I have developed many sensitivites to foods. Anyway, on my way to being well again and we mustn't forget to not depend on doctors for getting us well. We must research, take matters into our own hands (with doc's help), exercise, laugh and sing.
yeah, thats probably what it is, except my grandmother deals with pain every day - she has horrible stomach problems, we dont even know whats going on with that - she took prednisone for 4 years and gained over 100 lbs, then was put on arava, and was taken off of that because of some lawsuit or something of the sort, now shes not taking anything because she has no insurance
You can do a search for polymyalgia Rheumatica, or PMR. It causes a great deal of muscle pain and stiffness and is symmetrical on the body. If one shoulder hurts, the other does, too. It often takes awhile to diagnose and often runs its course in about a year. I felt like I had a really awful case of flu--the kind where your muscles ache really badly. Usually when prednisone is given, the pain clears up almost immediately, but you have to continue taking it until the sed rate goes back to normal, indicating no more inflammation.