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Oh Boy Do I Hear You!!!

This year alone I have had six xrays two pandenoscopy's three cat scans been in hospital four times lost my job and still have the diarrhoea that I started with in February. Just when you think you have a dr you can count on they do something that blows your faith. All I would like is one Dr to look at me as me and how this condition is affecting me not how it works on others. I have been on methx celebrex prednisone remicade and have just started enbrel all in twelve months and am just like you ready to quit it all. I get the down days and then the dr has the hide to say stay positive!!! Why doesn't he try walking a mile in my shoes!! They take an oath to help us but I am sure once the $$$ roll in they forget it.
MMM that feels better. It is good sometimes just to have a whinge isn't it. Especially when you know the people you are talking to understand where you are at. All we can hope for is to find THAT one special Dr that really does care and will listen.
We just have to hang in there!
Olivia :)