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:confused: Hello, this is my first post on this forum and need some help with a condition I hope someone else may have had and can advise me further. I have had osteo-arthritis for many years but other than the bulgy finger joints with little or no pain and a knee with bone on bone I live with, things were ok until last week when bigtime pain in many joints, worse in extremeties like ankles/feet, wrists/hands with severe swelling and as mentioned a sore throat but NO fever. On last Thursday My Doc treated it first as possible flu involved but those meds didn't touch it and this past Monday he had me take Prednisone and 6 hours later I had wonderful relief but after a decent Tuesday, today is more painful but I can function fairly well. The pain level with movement is in the 4 to 6 area wheareas yesterday was 1 to 2. The sore throat cleared up also with the steroids. I do see my family doc again tomorrow and will discuss possible referral to a joint specialist but wonder does any of this sound familiar to anyone? All responses greatly and sincerely appreciated.

Hi Wannabe, thanks for your reply and it's interesting that your assessment is exactly what I was thinking about change in OA and/or onset of RA but what puzzles me is the overnight action and the sore throat but some of these things defy logical answers it seems. Anyway, I saw Doc today and what he is doing is changing the low dosage Prednisone treatments which were 4 mg per pill and ramping it up quite heavily to 10 mg X 4 pills these first 3 days, then reducing down to 3 pills, 2 pills then 1 for the balance of the 9 day period. I think he was encouraged as I was by the immediate relief I got on Monday but feels higher doses are needed to bring pain back to zero or near it. Now I just have to worry about blowing up my digestive system from the strong meds and he wants me to take Zantac at bedtime as a precaution. We'll follow this method of treatment and see how it goes and if no decent results will follow your advice to see specialist in the arthritis field. Thanks again for your input and happy holidays to you.

Hi Keno,

Happy Holidays to you to! I think that I have seen your name on another board here. Cannot remember where...

I take Prednisone everyday, right now. 2 - 3 pills per day and relafen once at noon and once at bedtime. Everynow and then get a prednisone shot and have done what your dr. did for you, with the slowly lowering amount.
Helps sometimes.

I also take Nexium for my stomach and just got put on Zantac also. My stomach hurts slightly, but no ulcers yet.

Take care and I hope that you continue to feel better.