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DebLisa, I wrote a note but it didn't post for some reason. Will try again. Briefly as possible my suspected RA came on overnight also on Dec 12th in what seemed all my joints, especially extremeties like ankles/feet, wrists and hands and got progressively worse with sever swelling and advil wasn't helping much at all. Along with mine also was a sore throat so Doc treated me for flu first but flu meds didn't touch it so a few days later we switched to low dosage prednisone and I got relief within 6 hours but it didn't last more than overnight and a bit next day so we upped dosage to 40 mg/day for 3 days decreasing to 30, 20 and 10 til end of 8 or 9 day period. I'm on day 6 now with good relief results. I had severe swelling also during this which the meds really helped reduce greatly. Lots of possible side effects from prednisone but don't think we have much choice other than to use them and hope we can get off them at some point. Don't know anything about enbrel but as it is injected I assume it is a TFN or TNF inhibiting agent like humera which seems helpful in RA but has side effects affecting the immune system. Didn't see enbrel in the list I saw so may be something different. Anyway, the one possible light in the tunnel is I read somewhere there is a 15% chance of RA going into remission which is something we can all hope might happen to us. As far a researching you can do that online using any browsers you want with keywords for info. Good luck to us all in the future.