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Hi to all,

I have RA and am taking Ultram, Skelaxin, Relafen and Prednisone. Other pills also, but the above are from my rheumatologist. I also take Nexium, as I have gastritis and a bad esophagus and other stomach problems.

Just mainly wanted to say, that I cannot take NSAIDs because of my stomach. My doctor also, does not like to give her patients big pain meds. I also have skin infections, and cannot take Methotrexate, or Humera, or Enbrel. I hope to have my infections clear up this year and maybe can take some of the last three meds mentioned!

Wanted to tell you my experience with Nexium. It is the best drug for stomach problems and esophagus problems. I take it 1 hour before I eat or drink anything except water. That gives it time to work on your insides by itself. Only rarely do I have to have a few Pepcid Completes or a late nite acid control med. And that is usually because of too much stress, too much acidic foods and drinks!

I hope that you all try the Nexium (with 1 hour before eating), as it is the only stomach drug that works for me!!!:>

Hope this helps someone.