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Hi There,...I hope some one can help me.I was diagnosed with Poly-myalgia Rhuematica 18 months ago and put on Prednisone 20mg. I was gradually weaned off it by October 2006. Then developed Very severe right side head pains and ache. then I was immediatly put back on 20mgs prednisone. had an temporal artery biopsy done. Results came back with scaring which usually means positive to GCA. (a complication of PMR). A few days after going back on Prednisone i become light fuzzy headed, wobbly and weak on my feet. I have been checked by Nuerologist who couldn't find a reason. Prednisone has not done this to me before, so I'm wondering if the GCA has got into my other arteries, or perhaps some-one else has had similar experiences... A complication of GCA is to go blind very quickly and I'm having a lot of vision problems as well.... please so-one help..thanks
OOh, I don't see that you got replies to your post! GCA can be extremely serious, causing stroke and/or blindness very quickly. I have PMR and GCA and fortunately I was zapped with 60mg prednisone, now weaned down to 5 after 2 yrs. At first the headache was absolutely horrible and extended all over my head, so that I thought the head would burst. I would love to answer some questions you might still have, even though this is 3+ months after your post.

Tomorrow (Tues May 8) I am going in for major intestinal surgery for another problem, but when I get back home next week - I hope to see a positive note from you that all is well.

Take care, and keep seeing that rheumatologist!
Mary (Miztee)