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Hi all,

My hands and legs and arms are really hurting with this cold and ice in Texas! I go to a rheumatologist and she only let me up my prednisone by one pill per day! She also said to stay in and keep warm with a heating pad and rice socks... She just does not seem to believe in too much pain meds. I sometimes wish she did! I do take ultram (tramadol) and skelaxin, and relafen. But, all of those meds together still do not take the hurt away, when it is this cold!!! I cannot wait til spring! :>

The only thing besides meds that seems to work for me, is heat. I put a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel on my hands and they got all torn up! I guess it is because my skin is so thin...

I hope yall are better at dealing with this cold than I am.

Take care.