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Two weeks before Christmas I broke out in hives that first showed up around my thighs and ankles...I had worn a new pair of knee high hose and I had been to a funeral held out in the country, but did not come in contact with shrubs or trees...I figured it was the dye in the hose but....
I could not really figure out what caused this to start up...

I am allergic to preservatives in certain foods and strawberries, but I could pin point what I had eaten on that day that did it.

I woke up next day with hives all over my body but not my face.
I took benadryl but basically could not function on the benadryl. So after 3 days of terrible hives and no relief I went to doc and he gave me predinisone and a prescription for itching...by the time I left doc office my face had hives. So it eventually affected my entire body even my scalp!
I got somewhat better on the prednisone but after it was done I broke out again just as bad.

So I started eliminating foods, including Splenda, my red cinnamon-flavored toothpaste, you name it, even coffee. I eliminated each thing and added it back slowly---but have not been able to pinpoint the culprit.

Finally after a month of this, it seemed to go away but I recently broke out with one spot on my foot on a vein no less, and a bump near my eye! Its not fleas, either---no pets.
It looks a lot like this: A red circle with a raised white round area in middle. It is itchy. Along with spots I have the conventional raised areas of hives.
It also looks a little like shingles does when it starts except it never blistered and I was not in pain. I thought it might be a new pair of jeans that I wore before washing. But that is not conclusive. Benadryl does help, also. Not sure benadryl helps shingles.

finally, I have gone back to eating and drinking everything normal again and I am not breaking out. It was a month long attack.

what if it happens again? how can i know what this was? My doc suggested a virus that did not make me feel sick or feverish but only caused a rash. he checked me for strep and that was a NO>
Anyone?? What do yall think of Splenda?