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They're scheduling you for a colonoscopy because they want to rule out any kind of blood loss in your colon. Sometimes people can have blood in their stool and not know it. Longterm bleeding can cause anemia.

Your B12 level is very, very low - no wonder you are tired. I'm surprised you aren't having other symptoms as well.

Has your dr told you what your hemoglobin level is? Folate? Iron? You may need prescription folic acid or extra iron.

Anemia is very complicated and the dr has to do lots of checking to make sure what is causing the anemia. I have Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which eventually led to a low B12 level. The treatment for the AIHA was Prednisone and B12 shots. But they had to get teh AIHA under control before they could correct my B12 levels. I suspect the same thing is true for you. They need to find the underlying condition causing the B12 or it won't get better.

Keep pressing for answers - something defnitely isn't right.

Take care,