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I also have spinal OA & fibro (at least I've been told I have fibro, but im not so sure about that). There are many different types of anti inflammatories to try. The best ones that worked for me were prednisone & bextra. However, I took the pred due to a lupus flare, not due to OA. And now bextra is off the market. If I take Celebrex twice per day I find some lessening of pain in my spine & other joints but not completely. I also use moist heating pads alot. Probably the best thing for spinal OA is core strengthening (exercising the abs and back). I have been going to Physical therapy since last March (they let me go there for a small fee to do my exercises, similar to a gym..but i'm doing the ones they show me and using their equipment, much of which isnt at a normal gym). My insurance only allows me 30 visits per year, so my PT is helping me out alot!