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Hi everyone; I would like to ıntroduce this site. Diagnosed Acute autoimmun hemolitic anemia at june 2006. I dont have any illnesses before this disease except allergic rhinitis. I had a surgery (splenectomy) after diagnosed this illnesses. Before surgery ı used ımmunglobin.I take premanently prednisone but ı dıd not see any benefit with prednisone also ı was hospitalization.My hemoglobin decreased 5-6. ı changed my treatment with mabthera; I used mabthera 1 month.
Now ı am taking folic asit and prednol.Prednol dosage changıng day by day.Doctors decreasıng dosage untıl stop to using prednol.
Now; I need to learn somethıng about thıs ıllnesses and your experiences.
Could you share your experiences with me. Could you mail to me who have a this ıllnesses or who knows well somethıng about thıs ıllnesses.