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it's been a little over a year since i was diagnosed with RA. Quit teaching was in too much pain. Was put on Prexige. Took 6 months to eleviate the joint pains. felt so good i was thinking of going back to teaching. then Prexige was taken off the market because it was causing liver damage. then was put on Arthotec 75 mg twice a day. stomach couldn't tolerate it. so i went down to 75 mg once a day. my RA was not paining me as much. then in January 08 i got a nasty cold and my RA flared big time for the 4 weeks. just came back from Rheumy found out i also have osteoporasis (which could account of those horrible muscle spasms) finally had a bone density scan done back in Dec. 07. this was the result. now i take calicum (not elemental calicum) and vit. D to better digest it. i have to take prednisone for the next 15 days. today was my first day to take prednisone and have noticed a big difference! tomorrow i am getting a blood test done to see if i can take mtx 10mg per week for long term. Scared!!!!!!! i have dormant TB since 1973. My rheumy and regular doctor assure me that i will be regularly checked. Anyway just thought i'd share my thoughts. i'd like to hear your thoughts.