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Hi Lori.Bret and Kissa,

I wish that I could take the pain meds that you are both taking (or which ever ones worked best for me). But my insurance will not pay for a pain med. doctor or the pain meds. (Now on the 2nd part - I am not definitely sure). And I do not have enuf money to go on my own.

I have a very good old fashioned family dr. that gave me some hydrocodone and muscle relaxers for a while. Then he referred me to a rheumatologist. But, he still gives me, Lexapro and a little Valium, to help me make it thru the really stressful things of my life at the moment.

My Rheumatologist, who I am gone to for about 3 years, is really good. She first diagnosed me with osteo and then after more tests and try outs of drugs, discovered that I have very active Rheumatoid Arthritis and some osteo also. We just did a test for Lupus, and had my knees x-rayed, so will see in a few weeks what becomes of those.

She gives me 4 Skelaxin (muscle relaxers), per day. 2 ER 100mg Ultram per day (1 in am and 1 in pm), 3 Sulphasalazin, 2 x day, 1 Relafen, 2 x day, and 1 - 2 Prednisone in the am. The Prednisone works great, but I do not have a perfect liver, so, she is weaning me off of them. Oh yeah, she just started trying me on, 1 Lyrica, 1 in am and 1 in pm. If that does not work, to make me feel better some what, she will up my Ultram ER, to 200mg, 1 in am and 1 in pm.

Sorry to be so long, just wish that my rheumy would give me better working drugs. I cannot take the other kinds, because I have sores on me, I type of rash/? that I keep picking, when I get anxious.

Thanks for listening and let me know if yall have any tips for me.

You are not the only one freaked out about taking these drugs that are for cancer. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in december 2006. my rheumy has recommended that i start taking methotrexate. so before doing that i did lots of research on that drug, and alternatives for treatment. after reading about all of the possible side effects, i refused to be put on that medication. My father has non-hodgekins lymphoma, and i worry that taking these drugs may increase my chances even more of getting something like that.
i found some information on a completely organic supplement that i wanted to try, so i printed out the info, and took it to my rheumy. she said that its not what she would wish for me, but she is willng to let me try it for 2 months, at that time it will be my next appt with her, in may. what im taking has things in it that have been shown to be anti inflammatory and in some cases have helped people with RA. its called Zymflamend, by a company called New Chapter. i found it online and then bought it at a health food store. Don't get me wrong, i'm not here to advertise, but just to answer the posts about drug concerns and what i'm doing for myself. i'm also taking omega-3 fish oil each day. i was on prednisone, but in the last week have weaned myself off of that to see if i could tell whether or not the supplements are working. a few days after stopping the pred, i could feel a little bit of soreness in my fingers, which is where the majority of my RA is. most of that soreness has gone now, so i'm hoping its due to the supplements i'm taking. i know it can take some time for things to actually get into your body and start working, so i hope by may, my next appt, i'll be able to tell a significant difference. i have had NO side effects from any of the things i'm taking so i'm happy about that too. i hope to have great results with this, i'll keep ya posted.