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I'm pretty sure I have R.A. I'm being tested right now .But all symptoms point to it, plus I'm on a "trial" of prednisone and my joint pain has decreased considerably. One of the tests that did come back was my vit D levels which were 35. A low level is 50., so mine was abnormally low. Just doing some research on the web it does seem more and more that there is a correlation between low vit D levels and R.A. Has anyone else on here found that to be true? I know they are doing some trials right now to test that theory.My Dr has me taking a mega dose of Vit D ( 50,000) twice a week for now.
thanks ,Kat
I will be getting the rest of my test results back on the 18th. I am very anxious to find out what they are. The fact that I feel so much better on the prednisone (which I am now off of, and the pain has come back) has to mean something also. After a year of feeling pretty awfull, I hope I will finally get some answers. Thanks again for your input. Kat