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:confused: Hi. I am also new here and alot sounds familiar. Mine started in October, no energy, just feeling lousy, and really bad pain in my wrist/thumbs. I was tested for everything and all they came up with was Pernicious Anemia. They split the symptoms down the middle to make them more manageable I think. I do NOThave the intrinsic factor or PA, but they trear me or it by shooting me with B12 every couple of months.
Then I was sent to Rheumatology Clinic. By now I had pains in ankles, feet, cant sleep for hip pain, fall over when my ankles give, and walk the house all night, or sleep leaning against a countertop. I am on prednisone, methatrexate,valium, dihydrocodiene, folic acid, anti depressants and a diruretic because the steriods have added 6 inches on my waist in 2 days. I asked the doctor what I have and he said (Spondular arthopy) which I cant f:confused: find here or anywhere, and I am about at the end of my rope.
Can anyone clam me down so I can deal with this as a rational person?
What an introduction eh?