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Hi Bren....I have not had to lose alot of weight myself, but I have read in several of the Arthritis Foundation publications, that losing weight if you are overweight will definitely help with the stress on your hip and knee joints. I did gain about 25 lbs. while on the dreaded prednisone, right around my middle, which is common. I am slowly but surely losing that to get back down, I hope, to my pre-RA weight. It goes on very quickly with prednisone, but does not come off quickly...lol. Figures!! I bought a treadmill because I dont have a good place to walk outside and try to do 20-30 min. a day on it unless I have really hurting. Sometimes I do 15min. morning and 15 min. evening and have read that is just as good as 30 at one time. Put it where you can watch tv while walking and the time goes quicker. I have not really gone on a "diet" but have tried to really cut down my portions and have so far lost 8 lbs. over abt. 2 months. Did cut out ice cream and other "fatty" foods. Am trying to eat lots of fruits...cantalope, apples, pears, fresh pineapple, etc.Just cannot give up my bread and potatoes, but have cut them down. Good luck and let me know how you are doing....Marcia