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Hi Ms Cherry,
Good luck with your doc's app. I have had RA for 12 years that started in my hands and feet. There are many arthritis meds out there, i have tried many. I am currently on arava, prednisone, folic acid, vicodin for pain, for depression, lexapro and wellbutrin, and just started on Orencia, which is a monthly infusion. I try to stay positive, and don't want to sound negative but i have yet to find the right "cocktail" for me. Seems like my RA out smarts everything they try. I'm hoping Orencia will be the miracle i have been waiting for.
Everybody's condition is different and there is not one that is alike, mine is in the advanced stages, i have had no remission since DX, since i have had to quit work not many flare ups, just chronic pain. My RF factor is so high it is off the scale.
Sorry to ramble, hopefully yours will be just minor inflamation, and they can get it under control. It may not even be arthritis. Took a long time to find out my DX. Good luck to ya sweetie, let me know if i can help.