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Hi:wave: , Sorry to hear about your husband I too have AIHA.

Nearly 5 years ago, having virtually collapsed due to anaemia, I was given a blood transfusion to increase my RBC from 3.5.( I believe normal range is between 11 and 14 for women) It was established that I had AIHA and I was treated with reducing doses of prednisone for just over a year.

I have now been in remission for nearly 4 years. Apart from the early months I would say that I have been able to pretty much do everything as normal. I see my Consultant every 6 months for blood tests and a general check up, which I find very reassuring.

I am aware that the AIHA could flare up again but try not to think about it. Everyone has different responses to this condition with many different treatments, Rituximab (Rituxan) included, and I am sure others will come onto the thread to tell you their experiences.

Overall I realise that I have been lucky with the way my AIHA has responded to treatment and from originally being very scared I have learnt to live with it and carry on with a very normal life.

Hope this has been of help. :)