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[QUOTE=DCP78;3054623]I'm suffering from, I'm guessing, post nasal drainage. I seem to have too much mucus trying to drain into my throat. Which gags me and sometimes make me vomit. I have a loss of appetite, hard to swallow certain foods, upset stomic, uncontroled gagging and vomiting, and always needing some sort of drink on hand to try to help me clear my throat. I've tried mucus thinners, seems to help a little bit, but never cures me. I've wasted a lot of money and time going to the ENT doctor's. They could never find anything wrong with me and suggested that I have a mental condition insted of a medical condititon. Dose anyone out there have the same problem? Or, am I the only lucky person out their with this so called " mental defect"?

You have non-allergic rhinitis. This is a condition that unlike an allergy is not caused by pollens. ENT's do not know why some people are hyper-sensetive to changes in humidity (weather), perfumes, smoke, pollutents, household chemicals. But believe me, I grew up in a house of smokers and I have always suffered from chronic sinus and ear problems. I am 41 and it has only gotten worse. I have been on every medication, steroids and nasal sprays out there. It basically seems to come and go anytime the weather changes or I am exposed to smoke or chemicals. The most I can tell you is that there isn't a cure but 7-10 day course of prednisone or a medrol dose pack or a steroid shot does bring some immediate relief. However, you can only have a few steroids per year and sometimes the instant relief does not last. I live in Alabama and the weather seems to play a very big part in my problems. I am currently experiencing an episode myself and will soon have to call my ENT again. This is bad considering I got an actual sinus and inner ear infection in December and it took me until the end of January to get rid of the infection but I still had to deal with the Non-Allergic Rhinitis.

Wynn in Bama