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Hi there. I am a 32 year old female with seronegative RA. You need to see a rheumatologist as soon as possible. The new drugs out there can slow and/or impede joint destruction...so you don't have to become crippled like your grandfather.

I presently take methotrexate orally (was on injections, but I kept blistering where I got the shot...was allergic to the buffer...no they do not hurt), cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), tramadol (Ultram), prednisone (as needed for flare), and am working with my insurance company to go on Humira.

A rheumatologist is best able to diagnose and treat your condion whether it be RA, psoriatic arthritis, etc. You want to prevent joint destruction before it happens.

Good luck.
[QUOTE=wisegirl;3078678]Thanks for the reply. How long does your mother have to take the injections for and do they hurt? Are there any side effects. Does she take pain medicine. Right now the only thing I can do until I get insurance is to take the prescription pain medicine that my Pain Mgmt doctor prescribes ( Oxycodone and Morphine).
she has to take it for the rest of her life, she used to take it in just pill form but has since had to go to injection because of how bad it was getting. she also takes prednisone for her flares and pain meds like (vic) if it is really bad, she tries really hard not to take those because the methotrexate can damage the liver so she tries really hard to not take anything else into her body. she doesn't drink anymore either because of that. she takes her injection on wednesday night and thursday she is usually pretty sick, not always though. thankfully she doesn't work on thursdays.