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On June 8th I came home from work and drank half a Sam Adams Light beer and ended up in the emergency room. I've been drinking sam adams for years with no ill effects. I had gone into complete anaphylaxis. Swollen lips, eyes, hives. They gave my 7 prednisone tablets, a shot of benedryl, a shot of epinephrine and a steroid shot straight into my vein. I went home and was fine. The guy at the ER said it probably was the bactrim I had taken and not the alcohol or any of the ingredients in the beer.
So.. the next friday I opened a sam adams and took just a small sip. Just the amount that was in the neck of the bottle. Within seconds my throat began to itch as did my hands. It didnt get as bad as last time because I drank so little. The redness and itching went away in about 2 hours.
I made an appointment with an allergist and went last Thursday. The allergy stick test showed nothing so she did the injections on the back of my arm. Turns out I am allergic to all different types of mold. She took a blood test to test for hops and yeast but the results wont be back for a while. She said I could probably have a rum and coke since she thinks the allergy is hops. Well, last friday I made a VERY week rum and coke, took a small sip and here comes the itching and the red hands and this time the bottoms of my feet were itching too. I also noticed vinegar makes my throat itch. I called the allergist and told her this and she called in a prescription for an epi-pen just in case. This is all very scary. Whats up with me? I just turned 50 and I'm falling apart. If I cant drink any adult beverages its fine with me. I just want to know whats causing the itching and swelling. Everyone says an alcohol allergy is very rare. So what else do rum and beer and vinegar have in common? Has anyone else had an allergy like this? Sorry to be so long winded. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.