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I have been dealing with reactive arthiritis now for more than a year. At times the swelling in my feet is horrible! Yes, I have the toe swelling as well! At times my feet are so sore (even when not swollen) that just touching them is so painful I cry. I found if I get up every morning and before walking put on my atheletic shoes and socks the swelling seems to be less throughout the day. I have taken all kinds of meds NONE of which agree with my stomach and finally just stopped them and take aleve twice per day. It helps tone the swelling down but certainly does not take the pain away! It goes and comes but the swelling is forever present unless I take prednisone in a 6pack (6 days at high dosage) and then it stays in check for about 2.5 months before it gets really bad again. Mine all started from having gut infection for so long (thanks to antibiotics- too many that wiped out all the good bacteria and left only the bad). I am told if I EVER get rid of the clostridium difficile (bad bacteria in gut) that the reactive arthiritis will most likely go with it. However 80% of all people get over this cdiff with one to two rounds of flagyl or vancocin.........the other 20% can't get rid of it and that is where I am at and have been now for 6 years! It is horrible. Always took walking for granted----NEVER AGAIN!