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Cookie, sorry you are having all that pain. I know how you are feeling b/c I am going through something similar right now. My ankles, hips, neck, one shoulder, and my hands have been killing me now for 6 weeks. I also have a low grade fever. Then just last week my lumbar spine started in with spasms and nerve pain, though I am sure I herniated more discs (b/c I have a history of this, plus stenosis, DDD, and spondylosis, so these are seperate issues from the rest of my joints). I've already made an appt with my rheumy but can't get in til Aug 27th. I did go to a walk in care center for my herniations and they gave me percocet and skelaxin, but these don't really do anything for me. It has tylenol in it, though, so maybe it'll help my fever. I was diagnosed with lupus and it does feel like I'm having a flare, though it's not going away. As far as I know, i've only had one high ANA test many yrs ago that this Rheumy didnt see. BUt this rheumy has seen me while in flare where I could not move, he saw with his own eyes how bad I was one time and he did start me on Prednisone after other anti-inflammatories werent working. In my case, it was a miracle drug for me. But my dose was tapered and stopped over time. It can be a horrible drug used long term ,but yet can also be a miracle or life saver for some. This is not to say that you will put on it. SOmeone else said it.....they have to go by test results, your symptoms, and will probably try other less potent drugs first. I wish I could help you as I know how you feel, but try to hang in there until you see the doctor.

I know this may not help, but, you might want to try putting some moist heat over your joints, take ibuprofen or Aleve (as long as you can tolerate it), and I wish you luck with your appointment. Let us know how it goes.
Thanks to everyone for your input. I just got back from my appt. with the rheumatologist and he feels it is rheumatoid arthritis because of my symptoms. He said I had significant swelling in my joints and took more blood tests to see if there is any change since my primary care dr. took the last ones. I am now on a 6 day course of prednisone; apparently I take 6 pills the first day, 5 the second, 4 the third etc. until they are finished on day 6. He also gave me a prescription for Mobic 7.5mg. which is some kind of anti-inflammatory. Keep your fingers crossed that this at least alleviates some of the pain; I tell ya I don't think I could go on indefinately like this.
Thanks guys!