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Hi all! I have on different antihistamines for months with no relief--Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, Doxepin--you name it--even Prednisone. Now I'm about to have my gall baldder out in less than two weeks and these hives keep coming with a vengeance. Most people would say it's stress, but that's not it--this has been going on since last November. I really don't want to live like a zombie from all the meds. The name "Mastocytosis" comes to mind and I called the allergist's office who said to me "What makes you think that you have that? Where did you hear about it?". Well, genius, I have hives that can't be controlled. My head is full of welts. The hives are very painful to the touch so that you can't even scratch them--they actually become bruises. It's either the poison in my liver and digestive system from this gall bladder thing or it's the mastocytosis. I feel like a guinea pig with all of these doctors today and maybe I'm on the rampage because I don't feel well right now, but if a person gets up every day of their lives seeing no end in sight, how else are you suppose to feel? Don't even mention depression--I feel physically too crummy to be depressed--I don't have time! Are there blood tests to take to test for mastocytosis? If anyone reads this and has knowledge, I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much--Hopeto