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I do sympathise with you on your pain. I was first sent to my rheumatologist by my family dr. also. She diagnosed me with osteo arthr. She gave me light meds for pain, and for muscle relaxers, probably others too.

That was about 3 years ago. Now she diagnosed me with RA and I cannot take most of the RA meds, because I almost always have open sores. So, I just take stronger pain meds, more muscle relaxers, prednisone, and a very light RA med, that even pregnant ladies can have.

I know it is a long time to wait for a rheumy dr., but your 1st visit is your longest and there are not a lot of RA drs. - at least in my area.

I would think that your dr/family would give you something mild. The cold weather is the worse time. Of course, you should have some by then...

Good Luck to you, and more people, who are more informed will surely talk tomorrow.

I went through the same thing...took 6 weeks to get an appt with the Rheum. Seemed like an eternity. I took every pain killer known to man. Nothing worked. The Rheum prescribed me prednisone. I was a different person that afternoon.
Hang in there...
Hi David,

It breaks my heart to read your post. I am a 28 year old female. I have RA, Fibromyalgia and Spondoloarthropathy. I was diagnosed at age 22.

I too had to wait for ages to get into my rheumatologist's office, but let me tell you, once I was there a weight had been lifted off me (psychologically speaking). I did not think, actually I couldn't foresee, my condition getting better. I wasn't even certain I had RA & Fibro & Spondyloarthropathy. My rheumatologist sent me for a bone scan, which is conpletely different to your average X-Ray. Well now - the proof was in the pudding! I was actually just happy to have someone who could diagnose me immediately after the first appt.

I am taking Prednisone, Folic Acid, Salazopyrin (sulpher pills at 500mg per pop!) and I was taking Vioxx, then Bextra, which were both taken off the market. My rheumy prescribed Durogesic patches @ 0.25mg to be worn for three days (they're Opiates but NOT mood-altering), then replaced and Methotrexate. They are horrendously expensive but one cannot put a price on one's day-to-day living and health & happiness... even functuality for that case! I used to wake up incredibly stiff, and yes, nights were worse too. Bearing in mind that I have lived with this for six years, my fiance fully supports me financially and emotionally. I HAD to resign from a job I loved last year as I was never sure how bad the days would be. Some were pretty tolerable, others were nightmares (there were no in-betweeners). The latter is what drove me to resign. Additionally, I started developing migraines AT LEAST once a week. I have been hospitalised many times as a result of the migraine attacks. Due to these migraineous attacks I was literally sick, with my head in the toilet bowl (sorry for that graphic picture!) for at least 24 hours if I was lucky. It has been a nightmare of mammoth proportions, but the best thing for you is to hold tight until you see your rheumatologist.

I know that's not what you want to hear as I felt the exact same way, but it is worth it. Your peripherals seem to be WAY out of control (hands, wrists, knees, ankles etc.). What got me through those weeks before I saw my rheumatologist for the first time was...paracetamol and codeine. Nothing else came close. I am now awaiting a new drug called Lyrica, perhaps ask your rheumatologist about it when you see him/her.

Another bugger is that I was only 22 years old, and I don't know how long I had RA for before I saw my rheumy. I'm 28 and desperate to make something out of my life, but for the time being it is NOT going to happen. Cold and/or damp weather is a big no-no. I know exactly how you feel. I never wanted to be a party-pooper but your health is so much more important. You will be doing more damage to yourself by staying outside or even out when you're feeling pain. I know this is NOT a solution, but take it from a once-vivacious young lady that you need to rest. Get as much rest as possible. I had the exact same problem as you have, I'd wake up two hours after I went to bed. I fully understand what you're going through, but please have faith in that the more you push yourself, the worse it becomes. At least I was able to finish my university degree, fat lot of good it's helping me! Please, try to take it easy. Also, please let me know what's happening. I'm at home and I'd love to be here for you.

I'm thinking of you, and you are NOT alone! ;)

yes prednisone is an "instant miracle cure". The only problem is it isn't intended for long term use as far as I know. Plus it can add the pounds on if you don't really watch what you eat. I sure wish it were.
[QUOTE=roses4evver;3211763]yes prednisone is an "instant miracle cure". The only problem is it isn't intended for long term use as far as I know. Plus it can add the pounds on if you don't really watch what you eat. I sure wish it were.

So true!I;m now down to 10mg per day, which is awesome after taking 20mg for many years, then 15mg etc. I also had cortisone injections but to my rheumy's dismay, they only lasted for about three to six days! After two years of cortisone injections at three month intervals, I said "ENOUGH!!!" and he agreed. We live and learn, but the Prednisone thing is a source of concern to me. I don't know how long you've been on it roses4evver but many years have passed. Are you on Pur-Bloka, if I may ask? My last "heavy duty pain medication" was Celebrex. Well that bombed too! The Durogesic opiate patches are a DREAM, and there is a plaster (sort of 5x10cm) called Capsiplast - completely natural. It's Mexican Chilli seed. Those patches were great for moments of extreme pain. Just a thought, look up Capsiplast and you can cut it to your preffered size. Please excuse the spelling erors, it's 05h00 in South Africa and I have not managed any sleep since Saturday.

You're in my thoughts. :angel:

Love Gen

No, I'm not on pur-bloka (don't know what it is).
She has me on Enbrel & Arava for the Rheumatoid. Real bad things happened with being on the Enbrel in April this year. It's very highly sun sensitive on a 60 degree cloudy day & I was even using 40 sunblock. I was plant flowers for about 5 hrs. 6 hrs later I had bumps & a bad rash all over the sun exposed parts of my arms & neck & itched to high heaven. Later I was told that that could have been life threatening for me had than been a a little warmer day. So I went off it for the summer & suffered emmencely.

I have only been on Prednisone 4-5 times and only 4-6 wks at a time in the last 18 mo. My Rheumatologist wouldn't allow me to be on it longer than that & only at high flare times. Don't know if it's because of my age or what. (I'm 46) This is what I meant about watching your weight on it. When I took it, gosh it was WONDERFUL to not be in so much pain, like heaven itself. I would be good the first few weeks then boy did my apetite start increasing & the pounds came on! I'm learning so much from you all.
Hi all...:)
Well I went to my rheumy Appt. on Friday the 28th. And he said "yep you have RA" What a relief ! - Not that I have RA, but that I have the diagnosis. It's like a weight being lifted off my shoulders being able to finally know whats wrong with me, to cause all this pain. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about.:)
So... here's the med's he put me on... Humira - self injections - every other week. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg - take 2 once a day. Prednisone 5mg once a day - after I finish the intro pack. ( He said he was only going to have me on Prednisone until the Humira and Hydroxychloroquine kicks in. Which he says in about 2 months. ) And he wants me to stay on the Ketoprofen 75mg - 2 times a day.
Does all this sound about right to you all ? I told him I really didn't want to take the Prednisone, because I didn't want to gain a lot of weight, but he said not to worry, just eat more carrot sticks and less buttered popcorn and pizza and I'd be fine. He said it wasn't the drug that make you gain weight. It's what you eat. It makes you more hungry. He also said to watch my salt intake.
It's amazing what those drugs have done for me in just 2 days ! Almost no pain. And I was even able to finally sleep for more than 2 hours last night. I got 6 hours ! Now I know this is probly just temporary and that these drugs will probly stop working for me after awhile, but for now it feels good. Compaired to the way I was... anything is better.
Have any of you had any experience with any of these med's ? If so I'd like to hear your comments. Or for that matter any comments on anything I've had to say. :) That's why I'm writing here... to share with others and to get feedback.
Bye for now...
Hi, yes I know all too well what a relief it is to finally have a diagnosis for something. I got diagnosed with my spine problems right away after having an MRI. But I still have other inflammatory issues and joint pains, etc that I thought were diagnosed, but now it seems not. Lupus was suspected for me about 18 yrs ago due to facial rash & the dermatologist asked all sorts of other questions like other symptoms I might have been having, which I was. He suspected lupus, but I couldnt really follow up due to no health insurance. So over the years I've had flare ups of joint pains, swelling, rashes, visual problems, headaches, hives, angiodaema, muscle pains, major fatigue, etc..
In 2004 I finally got health insurance thru a job and finally saw a rheumy for the first time. He gave me Bextra first , but a few weeks later it was taken off the market. And of course the Bextra was working pretty good. He had me try Mobic & relafen (both of which cause my eyes to swell shut), then I went down fast. I got so bad he finally put me on Prednisone. I took 40mg per day for about 1 or 2 months, then tapered off slowly over 8 months. I tell you this Prednisone is like a miracle drug, I hadnt felt that good in years! Every symptom disappeared, including in areas I didnt realize were bothering me. I did gain some weight, which was mostly bloat and moon face...but I was able to exercise again so I guess that helped to keep me from gaining too much. He also had me start Plaquenil (200mg twice per day) at the same time. Plaquenil takes many months to build up in your system so the doc gave this at the same time so that it would be built up enough when the steroids were stopped. So I've been on the same dose of Plaquenil for several years now without any side effects or anything. It seemed to keep my flares more under control...either they were less severe or didnt last as long. Sorry I do not have any experience with Humira but Im sure others will post about that.

One strange thing...I didnt gain too much weight from the oral prednisone, but I did gain alot (and massive moon face) from all the spinal epidural steroid injections i've had. But then again I had developed severe spine problems so therefore could not exercise at all. I also had one ankle act up on me again. However, I did watch what I ate (I seem to completely lose my appetite while on any steroids)..so I ate even less than before and that did not prevent me from gaining steroid weight and bloat. The good thing is, the steroid weight will gradually come off once the med is stopped. For me it takes a while (5 to 6 months) but at least it does go away.

Again, I'm really happy that you are being treated & that the treatments are working for you. I hope it stays that way and you are able to get back to a more normal life!
Thank you all for all the comments... keep them coming. It's good to talk about it.
As for me ? I'm doing o.k. Some of my pain is coming back due to ( I think ) the lower doses of Prednisone I'm now taken. My first six days of it came in a blister pack. You take 6 the first day, 5 the next, 4 the next and so on until you get to one a day. and thats were I'm at now. After the 4 a day is when the pain came back. My Dr. also has me on Plaquenil ( Hydroxychloroquine ) 400mg once a day. I've also only have had one shot of Humira so far. ( I didn't like giving myself the shot ! :( ) The next shot I have to give myself is Oct. 12 - it's every two weeks. Also taken Ketoprofen 75mg twice a day for pain. So folks I'm just going day by day and waiting to see if all this works. I don't go back to see my rheumey until Nov 28th. Oh yea... for got to add that I'm not really having any side effects from any of the drugs except a couple of times some light headedness and some pounding in the heart, that went away shortly after it started.
Bye for now you all... Try and stay positive - it helps...