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Hi SufferWell! I put the entry on the computer and came up with cholinergic urticaria, but I kind of figured I might have that. I have been on prednisone since early Saturday morning and today I went near my sister-in-law's dog again and even on Prednisone the hives broke through. Also, I put on a pair of shorts that I've had for a year and broke out in those too. The dye in the shorts or the free and clear detergent I was using broke me out along with the dog. The rash I get is like vasculitis. It's so frustrating when you keep trying to go organic and natural and do your best but here we go again. I suppose you can't poison your body for 50 years and think it's going to turn around in a few months. I just keep praying that at some point I might feel human. Thanks so much and take care--Hopeto--