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Hi everyone, first time post for me.

My story goes a little something like this.
For around 2 years i was on Eurithromycin, an antibiotic for my Acne. At the start of this year (in February to be exact) i stopped taking these because 1) my acne was pretty much gone, and 2) i developed a small 'hot rash' on my neck.
This is where everything starts to go wrong for me.
Since i have stopped my antibiotics, over this year i have developed more and more redness / eczema / dry skin all over my body and face resulting in a full body rash. I cannot even sleep my body is so itchy, therefore my body clock is way out e.g. sleeping during the day and staying up most of the night.
I cannot work at this stage because of my appearance.
Now you might be asking what steps i have taken to curing these 'allergies'.
I have seen the following people about my condition:
My GP: who basically gave me more antibiotics (prednisone) which cleared it up for about 1 week, then came back even stronger
A Dermotologist, who again gave me another kind of antiobiotics and tonnes of creams to apply 5 times daily to my body and face. Once again the antibiotics only worked for around 1 week, symptoms returned, although the cream did help with temporary relief
My Immunologist who happens to be the best in the country. He concluded that i have the highest allergies a person could get to: Dust mites, Grass pollens, Cats and Dogs. After hundreds of dollars spent with this man he has recommended i undertake 'Desensitization' which for those who are unfamiliar with are like the fou vaccination where they inject small doses of certain allergens weekly then let your immune system fight it and become stronger and stronger. Only bummer about this is the cost, and the treatment lasts 2 - 3 years!!
A Naturopath: Who suggested i go on the elimination diet because she thought it was food related (which i totally disagree with)
All of the above specialists believe my Eurithromycin was acting as a 'mask' for my allergies, so when i took away that mask, evefrything started reacting.

Finally i stumbled across another kind of treatment called BioResonance in which electronic acupunchure is used to cure the body of toxins / heavy metals / flukes etc etc
This is a completely different approach to the others and sounds to me more likely to work.
My question to anyone out there is, Have you got a situation like mine?
If so have you been able to cure yourself?
Has anyone heard BioResonance before?

ANY help would be appreciated.

Thanks Again Guys.