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Hello. My doc. said a basic diet consisting of fish, brown rice, veggies, nuts ( not peanuts) and water is the healthiest !! He said that especially red meat is a NO and not too much chicken too !:( Basically because you are eating all the bad stuff the animals eat, makes sense.) I guess unless it is organic ??? I am not sure on that one.
Oh, and Scott. Regarding my knees, they have been drained numerous times and for some reason, they have been the main part of my probs. I have been on Prednisone and Methotrexate for like six months now so god only knows how bad i would be if not on it now ! I thought being on all these meds i would feel better, right ? Maybe only 50%.:mad: I just know that what you eat consists of 50 percent of your health, makes sense. Not too many people are smart enough to look into helping themselves by eating correctly. Most listen to medical docs. that don't know much about nutrition and just about medicating. Sad. Scott, are you going to do anything different since your last showed that LGS still existed? TTYL :) Deb