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I have delayed pressure hives and pressure angioedema that cause swelling under the skin. The hives are very hard to see because they are so deep, and is painful (not itchy). The allergist wanted to put me on prednisone indefinately. I'm scared of long term side effects though.
After reading of posts here and doing my own research, I convinced my doctor to try sulfasalasazine. Navy's (uz2bface)'s posts were extremely helpful). I started on Nov. 16, 2007 and gradually increased it to 4 grams a day (8 pills). So far it has not had the effect I was hoping for, but maybe its too soon, its only been a month. Does anyone know how soon this medicine takes too work?

Also, I'm having upcoming surgery in a few months for a deviated septum in my nose. For those with pressure hives, should I be on prednisone before having surgery? I asked the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and he said he didn't know. Would I experience a lot more swelling than the average person?