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Hi, as far as I know Percocet would not help swelling as I dont think it has an anti-inflammatory in it. I thinks its usually combined with Tylenol, but this also is not really an anti-inflammatory.

I do get flares of angioedema, though it hasnt really happened that I remember since I've been on Plaquenil. My hives havent been as bad or last as long either since taking Plaquenil. Any time I've been on prednisone I've never had even a slight flare of either. It is similar to hives except it happens under the skin, not on top and looks like big lumps of swelling. Mine has only occured on my face: around my eyes, around my lips (looked like I had a huge fat lip), and even in my jaw line and a bit down my neck. When its in my jaw area, it looks like I have a tooth infection, really thick swollen area. It never hurt and it felt like it itched a little inside. It's usually caused by allergies or autoimmune disease, sometimes there is no explanation. I have possible lupus and my hives & angioedema almost always happened while in a flare. Steroids always help mine, but I always kept bottles of liquid Benadryl around (even at work) and would take a larger dose as my doctor told me when it happened. Like I said, it didnt hurt, but it was not pretty! Especially when it happened at work!
Thanks for the response...

I just looked up Plaquenil and it said it is an anti-malaria medicine. Are you using it for that or for an off-label use? I have angiodema I believe. My father, whose a physician, thinks it is a possibility. My symptoms totally fit this problem. I started with severe Uticaria which lasted 4 months straight and then would come and go. Now I have it under the skin. The swelling gets quite bad and PAINFUL! What have you taken for it? I have had it since Feb. 4th and it hasn't gone away? I asked my Rheumy for prednisone but she told me to wait until after my blood tests and Bone Scan. Have you had a bone scan?