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I have had chronic pain in the groin and hips along with RA for the past 20 yrs. I also had some kind of synovial problems when they did an MRI of my hip but I don't have the report and can't remember the name other than the dr said it proved why I was having the pain. This is what helps me. My rheumy injects my hip with lidocaine and cortisone, also I take oral prednisone 5 mg one a day and that combined with my regular RA meds, Arava small every other day dose, Dolobid and Azulfidine keeps me on my feet. I know what you mean about the pain and the limping, I actually could hardly walk and almost fell down the stairs when my hip gave way. I hope that maybe you could ask the dr if they would consider the hip injection, not in the groin but the outside right where the joint is, if your dr feels that you would benefit from this and could tolerate it. I have not had any pain since the injection in early February. Hope this info helps and that you get relief.