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Hello all--I suffer from hives that wax and wane very frequently. I take allergy shots every two weeks and right now I'm in the middle of an episode from the past week involving hives that are not just itchy at times, but even when I don't scratch them, they are so red and inflamed and sore to the touch. This past week and a half has been so fatiguing with this episode and I'm holding off taking an antihistamine because if I'm dermatographic, the allergist will see what I'm talking about. They're almost like "pressure-induced urticaria". Sometimes they come out if I've lain down on that side or had pressure on an area. If anyone else has felt like this, I'd love to hear from you. I almost feel that a treatment of prednisone might get rid of them this time, but I'd really like to wait until next Tuesday and get the shots. Thanks so much--Hopeto--