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My poor mom was dx with this a couple of years ago, and because of her sensitivity to almost all drugs, she's on "nothing," but Tylenol.
She can hardly maneuver---and to compound it all, she has high blood pressure, and it's hard to find something to "mix" with her high blood pressure pill(s) at this point.

She's tried Prednisone shots, along with some other arthritis med's, but decided a few months back, to try nothing. Now, it's catching up to her, and she's sinking into a bit of a depression, due to her condition.

She's not the type to give herself shots, although, if need be, perhaps we could get a visiting nurse to come give them.

Any advice? It's her compromised health condition, that is making it difficult for her. I feel so bad.....She was such a "go-getter" in her early 80's, until a few years ago. She's also Caregiver to my aging dad, who has had mini-strokes & dementia. She also battled colon cancer a few years back. It's been rough, to say the least.

I'd appreciate any input. I need to call her doctor this week and get her re-evaluated. It's been months. Poor thing...she's been trying to "do it" on her own. I know she needs something, otherwise her joints are going to start deteriorating.

Thanks in advance.
It's so appreciated.