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I am so sorry to hear of your problems with synovitis. I have had seronegative RA for almost 20 yrs and have been seeing a rheumy all that time. You need to be seen for this, the way my rheumy explains it to me is that this is a part of the disease. My MRI of my hips showed cysts etc and a lot of swelling which my dr could not tell till she did the MRI. I also have fluid in my major joints. You need a rheumy to get you on DMARDs, long acting meds. I take Arava, Dolobid, Azulfidine, oral pred as needed and my rheumy injects my hips with a mix of prednisone and lidocaine when I have a lot of pain and difficulty walking. Great that your PCP is doing the tests but with an ESR of 100+ you need a rheumy!!!!! Mine at my worse was 76 and I got immediate attention. Sometimes they keep thinking it will be a virus but you have had years of this, so no go. Also if needed they will prescribe pain meds for you to take. Hope you get some help!!!!