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I am now on 15 mg po MTX and I can hardly move. My joings do look a little better but thje rest of me is worthless. My doctor absolutely insists this is the drug for me. I am also weaning off Prednisone (5.0 mg) pr day and I also take Plaquenil 200mg. w X dauy. I annot stand up straight, walk or hardly talk I am so weak. Doctor says I'm slighly anemic but I feel like I have one foot in the grave. I am suppose to go visit my 6 grandchildren in CA next month and I'm actually dreading it, which if you knew me, you would think I was dying. what can I do. I've already gone through 2 Rheumatologists and the one I have at Mass General and he is the director of Rheumatology. Does any know why I can only have this med. I nave negative RF but positive CCP1 and all the joint signs, swelling , etc. so he had diagnosed it as RA but thinks other issues mau be going on here too. I have a pituitary adenoma ad thyroid nodule that will soon be biopssid=ed. Any comments on your experience with MTX would be appreciated. Will I feel like this forever?
Did you start out on this dose? That sounds more of a maintenance dose. I am on 15 mg of methotrexate, and it has helped me tremendously. I am thrilled to be off the prednisone. But, I believe that I started out at 5 mg and worked my way up to 15 mg. I have been at 15 for about a yr. And, this is my maintenance dose.
Also, I tried Imuran, but could not tolerate it. I had flu-like symptoms from the Imuran.
The methotrexate takes about 4-6 wks. before you will see results. Or, do you believe that you feel worse from the methotrexate?