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NOTE: I originally posted this on another board some time ago, but I wanted to get your guy's take on it. Thanks!

Alright, I've made a few posts over the last two years but I'lI sum up
my condition as the following progression of symptoms: post-nasal drip
-> brain fog -> headache -> cough.

I now suffer all of these as a chronic condition, and all have been
present for about a year and a half. I've also tried the following

Augmentin (2 two week courses, as well as 1 full month)
prednisone (2 two week courses)
flonase/allegra (fairly consistently for a long while)
one endoscopic/structural surgery - mainly to correct slightly
deviated septum, but also to simply scope out the going-ons of my
Regular irrigation (the last month or two with baby shampoo) with a
grossan irrigator.

None of these "treatments" had any real effect.

A couple things that may be relevant... The post-nasal drip mentioned
is often times clear/white/opaque with a bit of yellow on occasion. CT
scans have been mostly negative with the exception of the latest one
that showed somewhat clouded sinuses. Lastly, allergy tests were very
positive for everything except for dogs/cats.

Now for the theory...

At the time of the initial symptom(s) I had been living in a certain
room for a few months. This room was an add-on to an aged house and
had very little insulation (if any). In short, I think it was a likely
candidate for a mold infestation, which I am allergic to.

After being exposed to this allergy source for a few months I believe
my cilia would have become exhausted and my defenses would have at
least partially broken down (I also got bronchitis for the first time
around then). This opened the doors for a fungal-infection resulting
from the mold contaminate.

I've long since moved from this location but the infection persisted.
The symptoms I believe are mainly an allergic reaction to the fungal
element that still remain in my sinuses, mild as it may be. This also
provided a bed for a bacterial infection which as come and gone
constantly for the last couple years. This is evidenced by the fact
that I do lose the yellow in my discharge for a week or two after a
round of anti-biotics even though the rest of the symptoms persist.

So, in short, that's the theory. Now what to do about it?

I've gone to my general physician about a prescription for Biaxin &
Sporanox to combat any potential bacterial biofilms as well as the
theorized fungal infection. He was obviously reluctant and wanted to
consult with my ENT who lives 5 hours away. I have yet to hear back, a
week later, so I figured I pass the time by asking for any/all advice
and feedback you guys could offer.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude simply for reading this far, and
I'll be all the more appreciative for any feedback you can offer.
Thanks! :o]
Welp, I took the prilosec for ~4 weeks with no improvement. It was worth certainly worth a try though, so I thank you guys for the advice.

Going on, if you'll recall in my original post I had a theory regarding mold in my old residence contributing to my condition. I actually finally got a hold of some Sporanox (an anti-fungal), and am currently about 1 week into a 1 month trial. No change yet, but it's probably too early to tell.

Also I recently had an appointment with my allergist. I mentioned my mold-up-the-nose theory and he was actually very receptive and offered a divergent theory based on it. Simply put, he didn't think the problem was so much that I have an infection, but rather that being exposed to that allergen constantly escalated my seasonal allergies into a year-around condition that's persisted for 2.5 years hence. He described a way in which such a reaction can start a cycle of inflammation creating perpetual allergy symptoms.

This is the first theory, other than my own, that has made any sense. Two things give me pause, however:

1) I haven't responded at all to any allergy treatments I've been given thus far (prednisone/allegra/flonaise/irrigation/2-3 months of allergy shots)

2) The most common allergy symptoms that I've come to know have actually been practically non-existent, even through allergy season. No real congestion problems, runny nose, eye irritation, etc.

So, is it possible that my anti-allergy meds have been effective towards my hay fever, but not the low-level headache/disorientation/cough/post-nasal drip condition...?